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Working on it...

You can imagine that trying to get things done is the end goal of any human. Need sleep? Must get sleep. Need food? Must get food.

Achieving basic needs and drives informs who we are as a species and allows us to survive.

As the complexity of the network of goals and needs rises, the chances of successfully fulfilling them moves farther away from the now. Need food? Great! Can you afford to buy it or do you need to cook it? How many people do you need to feed? Can the eat what you have? When do they need fed? Do you have to go get it?

Add another layer.

Need to pay bills. Can pay bils? Lucky. Not all of us are there, its a matter of complex budgeting for a great many presently. Now add a second household. Now add a third.

Need to clean up your living space? Cool. You are a responsible person Its great you want to be a tidy one too. Now add more people. How about a couple amazing puppies, one is older and not great about knowing when she needs to go. Now add your Grandparents. And a teenager. And factor in the amount of time you work, and go to school, and spend on cooking, and transportation.

All of these are delicately balanced systems that depend on tomorrow being as much like today as possible for planning purposes. When it isn't do you have the spoons to deal with it? Most of us don't.

Then add what you want to do with your life. Your skills, your ambitions, your need to create over and above the average. Carve out time for that. From your sleep. From your family. From your work if you can.

Not seeing any new work here lately?

Working on it.....

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