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Lets talk about rewards...

The first thing I should admit is that I use ellipsis way to much. The second thing is that I’m not sorry. In any case let us progress.

Rewarding your self for things is important. Not just when you do a big thing but also when you spend a week still breathing. Or have a particularly productive week in the middle of a depressive streak. Or don’t and need to be cheered up. I like stickers. And pieces of interesting paper. Or weird coins. Or leaves. Also pictures of my dogs. Or leaves. Sensing a theme here?

Collecting things can can be a way I let myself have fun and let go. To keep it healthy so can cleaning out old collections. We don’t want to get all hoarder up in here. Not enough space for a truely good hoard so I try to curb my inner dragon.

I had a really good week, got out of bed, took a shower, got to work on time, all the normal human things. I also did a bunch of laundry. And got dirt for my seed trays. And socialized. And did an interview with a podcast host I absolutely adore. The podcast, not the host, although he was pretty cool too. What I’m sayin is that it was a really great getting things done week for me and to acknowledge that I preordered Paladins Grace fro T Kingfisher.

I now have this this book in my eyeballs possession so my reward is to tank my productivity for the next few hours. Shrug.

All things in moderation.

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